We cannot help admiring their effort.

This is one of Caleb's favorite books.


We're here to play golf.


Don't poke your nose into my private life.

If you want to understand people, you shouldn't take any notice of what they say.

Everyone here is afraid of Ninja.

Saint Augustine's "Confessions" tells a timeless tale of intellectual search ending in orthodoxy.

Holly can't paint very well.

We will go on a picnic tomorrow.

We're worried about Grandma and Grandpa.

I do remember.

There's only space for ten people in the lifeboat.

A considerable number of students want to go to college.

This small wound will heal itself.

I'll tell her myself.

You don't follow the rules.

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He adapted his plan to the new situation.

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I told him not to come here.

Learning should not be forced, but rather encouraged.

Alzheimer's disease affects mainly people older than 60 years.

We used to meet at that pleasant spot.

Pay attention to this problem.

This is not Portuguese.

Applicants must be under thirty years old.

I love helping people out.

We didn't talk for years.

Put on your woolies or you'll catch a cold!

How far have you got on that job?

Marshall hated every day of summer camp.

He saw in her eyes that she still loved him and hope arose inside him.


She entered religion at the age of nineteen.

The doctor insisted that the patient get plenty of rest.

Don't you ever wonder why?

Srinivas lost his favorite pen.

Come here. I'll show you something.


He made a big hit in that business.

I've been waiting for years.

You can't mean that.

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When are you going to say, I do?

Are they together again?

Swiss banks are very secretive.

Right - clear, left - clear..., OK, all clear.

She changed her mind again, which made us all angry.


How did it come out?

Joey doesn't understand Shane.

I'll never work for Trevor no matter how much he promises to pay me.

I loved going to the beach.

The only one who knows where Chris is hiding is Edmund.


Hurry up, or we'll miss the train.


He thought about it for a moment.

There was no swelling.

I don't think that anybody really understands me.

That is the girl whose father is a doctor.

I can never get Nina on the phone.

Dwight ordered escargots.

I will speak to her about it directly.

They'll find it.

He said such awful things to me.


A husband and wife promise always to love each other.

Wilson is savvy, isn't he?

I wish I hadn't read Clifford's letter.

Let me know if I need to change.

I keep the master copy under lock and key.

What's that horrible noise?

Strange to say, his prediction has come true.

He doesn't look that way, but he's really a nasty piece of work.

I reserve the right to be wrong.

Cristopher and Raghu were both wearing sunglasses.

Eli had some.

I decided to try to learn Esperanto, just to make a new experience.

Hal won't forgive you.

One cannot erase the past.

Hsuan doesn't have any teaching experience.


Even after delivery, you can't drink alcohol when you are breastfeeding.

In a time-bound society time is seen as linear- in other words as a straight line extending from the past, through the present, to the future.

Mayo's not really that into sports.

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Is it included in the price?

I don't like being treated as a child.

The old house stands on a cliff.

No dream has meaning.

Have you ever swallowed an apricot pit?

It's fifteen minutes on foot.

Everyone working for us earns more than the minimum wage.

They were killed just because they were not whites.

Maybe it's not too late.

Mr So-and-so called today.

Yesterday Betty went to the sea.


I took my revenge on my children.

It looks like you've hooked a big one.

I want justice.

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What do you use to pick wax out of your ears?

His ancestors went there from Ireland.

I studied like anything.

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I believe what he says.

She came in through the back door lest she be seen.

I need to buy some school supplies.

The average skilled workers now earn over $10,000 a year.

He is known to everybody as a great ballplayer.

Last night we enjoyed talking over our high school days.

Were you ever really sick when you were a kid?

The field spoke!

We must act quickly.

Shirley sat on a bench smoking a cigarette.

The peak of Fujiyama was covered with snow.


Lori got out of the bathtub.

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No one could predict the outcome of this cooperation.


You frightened them.

How far are we going?

I love whatever is beautiful.


Lorraine jumped at the offer.

Mark will sell the car.

How long have you had that rash?


We may need them.


He was face to face with his enemy at last.

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My roommate's having a party.

I'd like to help, but I can't.

Leung looked under the bed to see if the other slipper was there.

I should be resting.

An alpaca looks like a horse and a camel.

Pull up your pants.

Brandi is always up-to-date on the latest fashions.

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What are their true intentions?

Such things are often accidental rather than malicious.

I only just left him.

Wan is prettier than her younger sister.

I postponed my date because I had to work late.

The apples are sold by the dozen.

They did not let them enter because they were not on the guest list.

I'm residing in the house where my father came from.

Piotr is a student at the university.

Would you like some wine?

In American movies, the black guy always dies first.

I told you to put it in the car.

I compromised with him on the matter.

Lou was drunk and his speech was slurred.

Toft ran as fast as possible.


I've already spent my inheritance.


English is not easy for him to learn.

I have three cameras.

I heard there was some trouble at Jarmo's house last night.

To our surprise, Betty won the trophy.

I wish to live in a big city.

Patrice has a chip on his shoulder.

We had to walk all the way to the station.

Aren't you missing anyone?

The man wore a mask of a tiger.

The world's largest zoo is in Berlin, Germany.

Hello, girls.


You should not have written that.

I feared that I might be late for the bus.

I don't care what Manny tries to do.

It wasn't Hillel who gave Po that bracelet.

Mr. and Mrs. Yamada will come home next month.

Even though he lives in the United States, Cristopher can't speak English.

Kristian is willing to testify.

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Would you stop saying that?

What a fool I am!

Britain began to industrialise in the late eighteenth century.

A lot of people say Ruth is the best player on our team.

We have a right to live wherever we want to.

Is it ok if you wait just a little while?

Dogs breathe approximately 30 times a minute.


We know that and they know that.

Jane was a stewardess when she was young.

I know Sridhar is different.

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We've been close friends for many years.

May I feel these?

I said we'd find Case.

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Cyrus showed me how to do it.